trim-tec 90e

The dynamic three-knife trimmer

An inline high-performance three-knife trimmer with integrated counter stacker for perfect binding systems in the upper performance range. Outstanding performance feature of the Wohlenberg three-knife trimmer trim-tec 90e is the innovative drive concept in dynamic-drive Technology.         This drive concept allows for a considerable speed increase of the machine and a significant reduction of set-up times. As a result, the organization of the user will change significantly, since previously considered possible set-up times can be realized - this is a major contribution to increasing the efficiency of an perfect binding system.

Visible proof of this technology is the modern design, which takes the latest ergonomic knowledge into account and reduces the operator’s workload.

Energy is an important expense factor. The constantly rising energy prices play an important role in the bookbindery and printing shop-calculation. The power consumption on the trim-tec 90e could be reduced by 46% compared to the power consumption of the pre ceding model. Dynamic-drive Technology is the key word in this context. By means of the dynamic-drive Technology the generative energy of a drive is used to power another drive.

Features as standard

  • Inline three-knife trimmer with motorized adjustment in dynamic-drive Technology
  • Clamping via dynamic-drive Technology
  • Industrial PC with TFT colour display and touch-screen function
  • Graphical user interface Navigator
  • Pneumatic separation of infeed (800 mm)
  • Three-sided swinging shear cut
  • Full-surface closed cutting table
  • Book transport without conveyors
  • Pneumatic head gauge
  • Quick change-over from pusher to counter operation
  • Interactive format change, job management, diagnosis, statistics
  • Automatic clamping for format plate holder and cutting table
  • Automatic size plate fixing
  • Correction of usual setting parameters during ongoing production
  • Quick-change system for front- and side knives
  • Pile delivery by means of gripper systems with delivery belt
  • Attachment for central off-cut extraction
  • One-piece machine frame

Technical data

Mechanical speed 500 - 5400 cycles/h*  
Product height, untrimmed 140 - 410 mm 5,51" - 16,14"
Product width, untrimmed 105 - 320 mm 4,13" - 12,60"
Product height, trimmed 135 - 380 mm 5,31" - 14,96"
Product width, trimmed 100 - 300 mm 3,94" - 11,81"
Head / Tail trim 0 - 40 mm 0,00" - 1,57"
Front trim 0 - 40 mm 0,00" - 1,57"
Pile height 2 - 70 mm 0,08" - 2,76"

* The net output depends on the material to be processed, product type etc.

Optional format

  Small format Large format
Product height, untrimmed min. 105 mm max. 451 mm
Product width, untrimmed min. 75 mm max. 320 mm
Product height, trimmed min. 100 mm max. 420 mm
Product width, trimmed min. 70 mm max. 300 mm

* Head / tail trim depends on the selected format.


Editionstrim-tec 90e
Full-surface closed cutting table
Three-sided swinging shear cut
Dynamic-drive Technology
Head gauge (pneumatic)
Silicon spray device
Delivery conveyor
Touch-screen function
Integrated JDF/JMF
Smart NaviDesk
9 cutting tables incl. shelf
4 clamp plates
Small format equipment
Large format equipment
Quick-change system for front and side knives
Set of documentation
Format plate plus
Central lubrication
CE / ET sign

Standard    Option


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