Located right in the heart of Lower Saxony and in the centre of the city triangle formed by Bremen-Hamburg-Hannover, Verden is further labelled the ‘Rider and Horse’-City, proving this title every year by supra-regional, national and international show-riding events.

At the location in Verden we develop and produce perfect binders, gatherers and three-knife trimmers for the global market.

Milestones in history.

2016   -   The Quickbinder was sold over 300 times. Now he was optimized. Newly available in 3 editions.
                Edition Digital with Delta 10 function allows the processing of different strengths from clamp to clamp.

2014   -   Development of make-ready-optimized three-knife trimmer trim-tec 60e
                in dynamic-drive Technology.

2013   -   Start with production of 7000 cycles/h perfect binder Vento with  
                with coupled drives in dynamic-drive Technology.

2012   -   Development of the PUR-spine nozzle system "QuickJet".

2007   -   Moving into the newly built modern headquarters in Verden, Germany.

2006   -   The Winjector, a patented SaugerPump system for optimized vacuum generation, 
                changes the way how gathering machines work.

2005   -   The Winspector, a self-learning camera control and monitoring system for quality monitoring and detection
                 of faulty/incorrect sections can be installed as option in the gathering machines.

2002   -   The foredge trimming device VSS revoluzionised the production of gatefolded products.

2000   -   The motorized adjustment of the e-line sets standards of terms in flexibility.

1997   -   The cover folder feeder KRF responds, as one of the first machines of its kind, to the trend toward gatefolded products.

1982   -   The innovativ perfect binder Golf 12/18 forms the basis of the Wohlenberg perfect binding technology.



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