Basic requirements for a long-term business success are equally happy customers and content staff members. Only happy customers are prepared to cooperate with us in the future and only content co-operators are ready to show top performances which in turn are the guarantee for a high customer satisfaction.

Based on the long-year extensive experience of our highly qualified staff we pursue a continuous further development and renewal of our total product line. The goal being to achieve and long-term strengthen the innovative leadership in our market segment by newly develop technically ambitious and practice-oriented solutions based on the latest technology.

But innovation is not considered an end in itself but the tool by which we wish to offer our customers a significant competitive advantage in their day-to-day business. At the same time we want to establish ourselves as best-in-class company in the perfect binder range.

In order to maintain our innovation leadership it is not only a must that we respond to all our customers requirements resulting from their day-to-day business by keeping a close contact, but also early recognize and even anticipate future trends by monitoring the technological markets.


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