The reliable gathering machine

The Sprinter gathering machines are designed based on the modular concept. All elements can be combined individually and used both as stand-alone machines or inline with a perfect binder. The machine's low height, clearly laid out arrangement and functional design represent a visible expression of modern mechanical engineering, always with an eye on technical safety and reliability aspects.

The Winjector is a new, compact and patented suction pump system for optimized vacuum generation. Based on the multi-stage ejector technology (Coax®-Technology) vacuum is locally generated from compressed air. Its compact design allows the use in the various stations of the gathering machine Sprinter i.e. each station has two decoupled Winjectors creating a vacuum where it is needed.

This new technology also offers the advantage that the vacuum can be controlled individually in its strength and the sheet is separated by a blow-off specifically from the sucker. This increases process reliability and productivity. The elimination of conventional vacuum pumps results in and up to 80% less noise.

Features as standard

  • Universal double gripper system for separating of sections and single sheets without any adjustments
  • Separate, shaftless servo drive for use as stand-alone or inline operation
  • Upright, smooth product transfer in the transport channel supported by blowing air
  • Reliable and non-marking separating of sections thanks to the 25° incline of the stations
  • No spiral race element required for infeed into a perfect binder
  • Integrated, patented vacuum technique Winjector
  • Integrated terminal with graphic display and touch-screen function
  • Motorized adjustment of the transport channel
  • Control system for automatic run-up and run-down as standard
  • Pulsing blowing air in front in the magazine ensure reliable processing of single sheets down to 70 g/m²

Technical data Sprinter e / s

Mechanical speed, Inline 1000 - 8000 cycles/h*  
Operation with criss-cross 1000 - 5000 cycles/h*  
Product height 105 - 370 mm 4,13" - 14,57"
Product width 75 - 320 mm 2,95" - 12,60"
Transport channel width 80 mm 3,15"
Number of stations 4 - 28*  

* depending on selected machine configuration

Technical data Sprinter eXL / sXL

Mechanical speed, Inline 1000 - 8000 cycles/h*  
Operation with criss-cross 1000 - 5000 Cycles/h*  
Product height 105 - 485 mm 4,13" - 19,09"
Product width 75 - 320 mm 2,95" - 12,60"
Transport channel width 80 mm 3,15"
Number of stations 4 - 32*  

* depending on selected machine configuration

Material range (for all models)

Single sheets, depending on product 70 g/m2
For folded sections (pages) 64


EditionsSprinter e/sXLSprinter s/eXL
Diagnosis terminal with touch-screen function
Speed indicator and product counter
Preselection of product counter
Automatic run-up and run-down
Shaftless drive and PLC-control
Mechanical miss- and double sheet control
Automatic caliper control ACC
Low level pre-warning in each magazine
Winjector vacuum technology
Motorized transport channel adjustment
Blowing air nozzles in the transport channel
Pulsing blow air in front gauges
Handfeeding station with 1 or 2 pockets
Criss-Cross delivery
Reject gate
Camera system Winspector
Winspector with barcode reading
Changeover to half drum speed
Transfer unit to perfect binder
Special grippers up to 12 mm thick products   
Drive belts in the magazine       
CE / ET sign     

Standard    Option


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