Perfect quality economically produced

Foredge trimming device VSS allows a rational and high quality production of products with gatefolds. Products with gatefolds and shorter text can be produced inline in one pass at high speed. Fully motorised adjustment of all formats via Navigator of the perfect binder - no separate setup process required.

The foredge trimming device is a integrated, patented part of a perfect binder. Since the foredge is trimmed in the clamp during the actual perfect binding process a high cutting precision and product accuracy is guaranteed.

Features as standard

  • Production of gatefolded products with flush or shorter text in one pass with up to 7000 cycles/h
  • Reduced trimming forces and less trimming noise due to patented trimming process
  • Space saving concept due to integration of the VSS into the perfect binder
  • High product quality due to one single product clamping
  • No additional setup input due to automatic format adjustment via Navigator
  • No need of any further conveyor systems or diverters
  • Simple switch on and off of VSS with push button control
  • Available for new machines: City e + Vento
  • After consultation also retrofits on older machines possible

Technical data

Mechanical speed 1000 - 7000 cycles/h*  
Product height 105 - 485 mm 4,13" - 19,09"
Product width, untrimmed 108 - 320 mm 4,25" - 12,60"
Product width, trimmed 105 - 305 mm 4,13" - 12,00"
Product thickness 2 - 62 mm  0,08" - 2,44"
Trim-off 3 - 30 mm  0,12" - 1,18"

* Net output is depending on material, the product type, glue technology, etc.


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