The dynamic perfect binder

The perfect binder Vento is a allrounder in the medium performance segment. The Vento can flexibly be adapted to a wide range of application requirement of a specialized finishing company. Starting from the production of Swiss brochures or Otabind brochures up to the production of gatefolded products, the Vento offers a solution for every requirement. 

Further technical and interesting solutions are the energy efficient PUR-nozzle system QuickJet as well as the use of dynamic-drive Technology for several components. Space-saving system configuration by means of 90°- or 180°-curve between gathering machine and perfect binder allow to install highly specified systems in space limited places.
The spine preparation can be equipped with a chip- or a dust milling tool as required and guarantees a reliable and accurate milling process. The 2nd station is frequency-controlled as standard in additional to it, being equipped with a multiple knife head. The height of each of the stations can be individually adjusted by means of a motor and can be simply swivelled out of the perfect binder in order for maintenance work to be carried out.

Features as standard

  • Easy to use thanks to Navigator, a graphically interactive user interface
  • Fully motorized adjustments of all important functions for setting block thickness and cover format
  • Infeed channel in dynamic-drive Technology with adjustable jogger
  • Flexible spine preparation station with powerful main milling motor and separate frequency control motor with notching - or multiple knive head
  • Comprehensive gluing technology for selective processing of Hotmelt, coldglue and PUR-glue with separate processing of spine- and side glue
  • Universal, easy-to-operate rotary cover feeder for processing 4-, 6- and 8-page covers
  • 2nd pressing station for improved spine forming
  • Optimized delivery channel in dynamic-drive Technology with quick opening device

Technical data

Mechanical speed 1000 - 7000 cycles/h*  
Product height 140 - 435 mm 5,51" - 17,13"
Product width 105 - 320 mm 4,13" - 12,60"
Product thickness 2 - 62 mm 0,08" - 2,44"
Cover height 140 - 435 mm 5,51" - 17,13"
Cover width 208 - 645 mm 8,19" - 25,39"
Width of rear side of cover 103 - 309 mm 4,06" - 12,17"
Book hang-out 8 - 15 mm 0,31" - 0,59"
Opening width of clamps max. 90 mm max. 3,54"
Small format    
Product height 105 - 435 mm 4,13" - 17,13"
Product width 75 - 320 mm 2,95" - 12,60"
Product thickness 2 - 62 mm 0,08" - 2,44"

* Net capacity depends on the material, product type, glue technology, etc.


Operator terminal with Navigator
Infeed channel in dynamic-drive Technology
Adjustment jogger station
Spine preparation, swivelled out
Rotary cover feeder
Stream cover feeder
Cover station up to 4 scores
Cover register and pressing station
Delivery channel in dynamic-drive Technology
2nd pressing station
Small size kit
2. Operator terminal at the cover feeder
Hotmelt spine gluing unit
2-shot gluing
Hotmelt side gluing unit
Coldglue equipment
PUR QuickJet (nozzle)
PUR compact (roller)
Foredge trimming device VSS
Cover Folder Feeder KRF
Gauzing station
Accessories for Swiss- and Otabind brochures
Cross-stacking device
Interface conveyor with laydown device
JDF / JMF Interface
Endpaper station
Book block feeder
90° or 180° curves
CE / ET sign

Standard    Option


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