trim-tec 60e

The efficient three-knife trimmer

The prior-ranking development target to be realized on the new Wohlenberg three-knife trimmers were the efficiency increase by reducing set-up times and an improved energy balance. The design and ergonomics of the trim-tec 60e were completely re-created. Generously designed covers allow a comfortable and quick overview. The Navigator operated by touch-screen and positioned in the central control section, can be swivelled and turned.

The clutch-free drive concept with dynamic-drive Technology provides, in connection with the robust and proven one-piece machine frame, a running smoothness beyond compare with at the same time maximum machine speed. The trim-tec 60e is an inline three-knife trimmer in the medium speed range and therefore perfectly matches with the Wohlenberg perfect binders City e and Vento.

Features as standard

  • Inline three-knife trimmer with motorized adjustment
  • Drive concept without clutch
  • Clamping in dynamic-drive Technology
  • Industry PC with TFT colour display and touch-screen function
  • Graphically operator guidance Navigator
  • Stronger swinging shear cut on all three knives
  • Integrated counter stacker
  • Head gauges (pneumatic)
  • Automatic set-up with dynamic-drive Technology < 5 minutes
  • Correction of all usual positioning parameters during ongoing production
  • Quick-change system for front and side knives
  • Automatic clamping for format plate holder and cutting table
  • One piece machine frame

Technical data

Mechanical speed 500 - 3600 cycles/h*  
Product height, untrimmed 140 - 370 mm 5,51" - 14,57"
Product width, untrimmed 105 - 320 mm 4,13" - 12,60"
Product height, trimmed 138 - 368 mm 5,43" - 14,49"
Product width, trimmed 100 - 300 mm 3,94" - 11,81"
Head / tail trim 1 - 25 mm 0,04" - 0,98"
Front trim 0 - 24 mm* 0,00" - 0,94"
Pile height 5 - 70 mm 0,20" - 2,76"

* The net performance depends on the material to be processed and the product type.

Optional format

    Small format Large format
Product height, untrimmed  min. 105 mm max. 440 mm
Product width, untrimmed min. 75 mm max. 320 mm
Product height, trimmed min. 100 mm max. 430 mm
Product width, trimmed min. 72 mm max. 310 mm

* Head / tail trim depends on the selected format.


Editionstrim-tec 60e
Stronger swinging shear cut on all three sides
Dynamic-drive Technology
Integrated counter stacker
Head gauge (pneumatic)
Silicon spray device
Delivery conveyor
Touch-screen function
Integrated JDF/JMF
8 cutting tables incl. shelf
4 clamp plate
Tool cabinet with operating tools
Quick-change system for front and side knives
Cutting tables for special format
Small format equipment
Large format equipment
Format plates plus
Smart NaviDesk
Offcut funnel
Waste belt
Central lucrication
CE / ET sign

Standard    Option


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