trim-tec 25o

The stand-alone trimmer

The trim-tec 25o is a compact, solid and low cost universal machine for trimming of perfect bound products, newspaper, saddle stitching products, etc. The offline three-knife trimmer has been developed especially for customer of solo perfect bindery in the small and middle edition segment. One of its strength is the special application requirement, in which, due to its large size kit even oversized products can be trimmed on all four sides without problems.

The adjustment accuracy can be guaranteed due to an easy graphical touch screen operating interface with corresponding visualisation of all functions on the terminal.

Operating modes

  • Pass-through mode "two operating mode"
    The trimmed products are passing through the machine and being automatically discharged towards the back of the machine.
  • Return mode "one operating mode"
    The products are manually loaded into the gripper system, automatically trimmed and then returned towards the operator.

Features as standard

  • Servo-controlled gripper system
  • Graphical operator interface with symbolic display
  • Centralized operating panel with touch screen function
  • Centralized hydraulic control of gripper system and pressing stamp
  • State of the art light barriers for safe operation
  • The swivelling delivery device simplifies knife and cutting table changes
  • CE Certificate

Technical data

Mechanical speed up to 1500 cycles/h*  
Product height, untrimmed 80 - 520 mm 3,15" - 20,47"
Product width, untrimmed 70 - 345 mm 2,76" - 13,58"
Product height, trimmed 80 - 420 mm 3,15" - 16,54"
Product width, trimmed 70 - 300 mm 2,76" - 11,81"
Large format equipment 350 x 500 mm 13,78" x 19,69"
Pile height max. 100 mm max. 3,94"

* The net performance depends on the material to be processed and the product type.


Editionstrim-tec 25o
Return mode (1 operating mode)
Pass-through mode (2 operating mode)
Swivelling delivery
PLC-control with operator terminal
6 clamping plates
15 size plates
66 cutting sticks
Fixed head register
Inline connection to perfect binder
Silicone spray device for side knives
Roller conveyor for delivery
Four-side trimming
Small format equipment
Large format equipment
CE Sign

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